The National Post

“These coy, contemporary stories are intensely readable, hilarious, perverse, and never less than The Novel.”

Canadian Literature

“Elyse Friedman’s Long Story Short, to extend the metaphor, is contemporary short fiction in glorious full bloom. Tremendously funny and refreshingly consistent, the novella and short stories in this collection mark Friedman as a confident, plucky, and wittily capable heiress to the CanLit short fiction legacy. The novella, “A Bright Tragic Thing,” is rooted in the dark flippancy of middle-class adolescence and the vagaries of celebrity. By turns hilarious and staggeringly sad, it is, I think, one of the most poignant pieces of fiction published in Canada in recent years.”

Fast Forward Weekly

“Fantastic, strange and moving collection of short fiction. Highly recommended.”

Quill and Quire

“At turns laugh-out-loud funny and devastatingly sad. The cult of celebrity gets raked over the coals by Friedman with salacious wit and dead-pan dialogue that drips with irony.”

The Globe and Mail

“Elyse Friedman, author of the story collection Long Story Short, might indeed be Toronto’s version of France’s Michel Houllebecq. It is not that my syntax lacks parallelism. I’m well aware that Toronto is a city and France is a country, but the characters who populate Friedman’s stories are definitely in a country of their own, and their Toronto lives and the way Friedman writes them are as base and raw as Houellebecq’s. I’m confident that Friedman, like Houellebecq, is an essential voice. Friedman drags me screaming and kicking into these narratives and leaves me visibly shaken. Even though there is little out there I find shocking any more, I think she finds some edges for me.

The Montreal Gazette

“Reading a story collection can be like having to jump into 10 or 20 cold lakes, one after another. But a Friedman story is like an indoor pool with the thermostat set to 86 degrees. It’s easy to slip right in.”

Toronto Life

“Torontonian Elyse Friedman’s Long Story Short: A Novella and Stories teems with subversive wit and weird sex; in the novella, ‘A Bright Tragic Thing,’ a teen befriends a former sitcom star with alternately hysterical and uncomfortable results.”

See Magazine

“This is comedy but the best kind: intelligent, moral, and intensely personal. All-in-all Friedman’s book is funny, affecting, and compellingly well-written.”

Eye Magazine

“Nothing staid here, only smart, dark and funny.”

The Coast (Halifax)

“Friedman’s writing is brave, wise and full of gasp-out-loud surprises.”

The Toronto Star

“In the novella and stories in Elyse Friedman’s collection you are presented with such varied contemporary phenomena as security guards at a high-school prom, virtual online tours of houses on the real-estate market and condos with “useless ductwork painted white and suspended from the high ceilings for an industrial/artsy effect.” The reader is presented not only with brand-new developments, such as the possibility of selling videos to “a gossip site like TMZ,” but old Toronto institutions still functioning, such as Dupont Street’s Vesta Lunch. Don’t tell me that’s not seeing ourselves on the page.”

The Georgia Straight

“‘The Soother,’ a spare, quirkily empathetic tale of a man who spends his days tending to his demanding job and family and just wants a little tender care, so to speak, is one of five shorts plus novella in Elyse Friedman’s willfully bent, instinctually witty, and ultimately rather melancholy collection.”

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